So, you wanna to learn to fly..?
REAL flight training, in REAL aeroplanes! (not simulators)
Ultimately leading to a REAL pilots licence!
(Honestly, this is for REAL!)
We know that kids are awesome, and make awesome pilots if they get the chance! This is YOUR chance!
As part of your flying training you get to experience ALL types of aeroplanes, powered and unpowered (except Helicopters - for now…).
We even have a seaplane..! (Yup, we really do!). One of very few in the UK
As a “Get High..Volare” member, you will also get to do lots of other cool things you never thought you were capable of doing.
Its all here waiting for you. All you have to do is join your local “Get High..Volare” group today.
(and tell your mates too! The more the better…)
                                Get High…Volarelare!

UK Registered Charity number: 1179224

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